White Orchid2
white orchid with yellow inside Orchid Garden Madeira
White Speckled Orchid
white speckled orchids with red mouths before dark background
Yellow Orchid
closeup of yellow orchid with speckled mouth Orchid Garden Madeira
Flower in the Sky
orange coloured exotic  flower against blue sky
To the Light
yellow exotic blossom in the tropical garden of Madeira
green Agave leaves as abstract picture
Asking me
portrait of green parrot
Rose 4
rosé coloured rose flower closeup
IApproaching a Beauty
Calla blossom with approaching insect
Rose 5
closeup of carmine red rose flower
unfolding Calla bud
rolled-up Calla bud
Wadi Tanuf, Stone Pattern
Wadi Tanuf, Oman, stone pattern
strelizia orange
Night Rose
dark red rose in the dark
Centre Stage
Calla with fly sitting on pistil
candytuft closeup
Grün-blaue Agavenblätter als abstraktes Bild
Calla blossom with rain drops
Calla white
calla closeup of the flower cup
Calla blossom as abstract picture
Cup of Beauty
Calla blossom seen from below
protea red
red protea
closeup of barbed poppy
Capsule 1
closeup of poppyseed capsule in an abstract form
Keeping an eye on
portrait of an orange-brown parrot
Defoliated 1
Closeup of  poppy capsule after having lost flower leaves
strlitzia blossom lit up before dark background
delicate rose
delicate light pink rose before dark background
green and white Agave leaves as abstract painting
Two Capsules
closeup of two green poppyseed capsules
Capsule 1
closeup of poppy seed capsule
strelitzia blossom ressembling a bird
poppy abstract
poppy flower inside, abstract
Poppy Flower
closeup of poppy flower with green
strelizia reginae
strelizia reginae, inside of the flower, orange and blue