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7 Poppy Capsules and Lemon
poppy seed capsules and lemon still before dark background
2 plums + peach + poppy capsule
still of plums, poppy capsule and peach before black background,
Apple and Poppy Capsules
still of apple and poppy capsules before dark background
Eagle Fern 1
still of eagle fern before shiny black background
The two Sides of...
still of foalfoot leaf before dark background
Network orange
lobster baskets at Kenmare River in Southwest  Ireland
Turquoise Network
lobster baskets at Bantry Bay, South West Ireland
Float with Flower
float with flower at Scull in South West Ireland
Beach Finds - blue tows
plummets with blue rope at Scull in South West Ireland
Float - black and white
 floats at Scull in South West Ireland