About me

Already as a child I was fascinated by nature and the black and white quite artistical photographs my mother had taken with her Box Tengor. Neither my love for nature nor my enthusiasm for photography ever left me since.

Travelling, sports, spending time outdoors - and often all together -, as well as art, were and still are the impetus and at the same time mediative center of my life.

Coming from painting, I look at the structures, colors and beauty of nature as an artist rather than in a documentary way. Photography offers me the opportunity to capture faster and more spontaneously than by painting the decisive creative moment.

After many years of analog photography - mostly travel photography - my digital journey started in 2006/2007. Where it will lead I cannot tell, - hopefully to something new and surprising!

"I never made great efforts to be taken for a specialist, and have
never tried to make myself at home in a certain sector of photography.
I did not want to be regarded as an "outstanding landscape photographer", or as an "outstanding photo reporter" or as an "outstanding portraitist"; I contented myself with the reputation of being a "good photographer"....
Martin Munkacsi in: "Knipsen - aber mit Verstand" (Snapping - but with reason - guidebook for amateurs who want to make good pictures)