Exotic Gardens

white orchids with red mouths before dark background
red orchid before dark background
white orchid with yellow inside Orchid Garden Madeira
white speckled orchids with red mouths before dark background
closeup of yellow orchid with speckled mouth Orchid Garden Madeira
orange coloured exotic  flower against blue sky
yellow exotic blossom in the tropical garden of Madeira
green Agave leaves as abstract picture
portrait of green parrot
Calla blossom with approaching insect
unfolding Calla bud
Calla with fly sitting on pistil
Grün-blaue Agavenblätter als abstraktes Bild
Calla blossom with rain drops
calla closeup of the flower cup
blue orchid flower with light-green leaves
red protea
yellow Indian Shot (canna)
strelitzia in a row
yellor-orange datura as abstrract picture
portrait of an orange-brown parrot
strlitzia blossom lit up before dark background
strelitzia with leaves
green and white Agave leaves as abstract painting
strelitzia blossom ressembling a bird
Strelitzie als abstraktes Gemälde
cardius as an abstrasct colourful painting,
Kaktus closeup, red
capparis, white caper flower with green buds
strelizia reginae, inside of the flower, orange and blue

Exotic plants and their bizarr shapes do have a special appeal to photographers.

The Orchid Garden within the Botanical Garden in Funjal, Madeira which - beside scientific research - also serves the conservation of the species, and exhibits an incredible variety. The greenhouse on the Island of  Mainau at Lake Constance, Germany, presents its orchids in a very natural environment.

I took the pictures of Calla, Strlitzia, Agave and of the parrots in the Public Garden, the Botanical Garden and in Blendy´s Garden in Funjal, Madeira.