white bridge pillars with black and white graffito
black and white graffito under road bridge
white bridge pillars with black and white graffito
multicoloured graffiti under bridge over the river Isar with sitting person
graffiti at Munich highway with condominions
green and black graffiti in Munich
multicoloured graffiti on wall with tree and meadow
red and green graffiti on grey wall in Munic
red and green graffiti band with tree in Munich
barn with jellow graffiti band in Munich
blue graffiti with spring twigs in Munich
graffiti covered white house on a meadow in Munich
abstract white and green graffito with tree branch in Munich
graffito, female figure with red bob and wide blue eyes, little animal
white and light blue graffito "Coma" with spring leaves in Munich
white house with grey graffiti band in Munich
detail of white green and yellow graffito in Munich
green graffito with text in Munich

Overbridged and Painted Over

I discovered the paintings under the bridges over the river Isar in Munich, under a bridge on the road to Munich airport, along the railway track between Englschalking and Johanneskirchen and in some other places in the Eastern part of Munich.

Some of the shown graffiti can only be seen when trees and bushes have lost their leaves and set them free. The photographs were partly taken in early springtime. The fresh green leaves formed an interesting contrast to the edged shape and the radiant and agressive colours used by the sprayers.