Namibia Impressions

quiver tree in a rock desert
Namibian children in a preschool kindergarten
attentive Namibian kindergarten girl raising her finger
portrait of a Namibian girl at the kindergarten
imposingboulders at sunset glow
giant boulders at sunset glow, Fishriver Camp
giant boulders at sunset glow, Fishriver Camp
dramatic sunset with rocks and boulders, Fishriver Camp
surreal desert landscape with railroad and lonesome house
pretty house and church on the hill of Lüderitz
Namib desert in the evening sun with shadow of safari jeep
Volcano with striped pattern, in the Eveninglight, Namib Desert
stone circle in the Namib Rand desert
acacia against the setting sun, Namib Rand
balloon over the Sossusvlei sand dunes at sunrise
sanddunes at sunrise at Sossusvlei, geometric
big sand dune in the morning light at Sossusvlei
dead tree in the pink and orange sands of Dead Vlei
pink dune at sunrise, Dunes of Sossusvlei
view of the Nubib Mountains in the sunset glow and grass blades in the wind
Petrified Dunes in the sunset glow, Namib Naukluft Park
surreal tree skeletonin the Dead Vlei Pan
granite hill in the evening sun, Erongo Mountains
granite rocks in the evening light with clouds, Erongo Mountains
granite boulders on top of a mountain, Erongo Mountains
granite boulders on a granite mountain, Erongo Mountains
granite boulders on a granite mountain, Erongo Mountains
dark basalt columns, abstract impression, Organ Pipes
red basalt columns, abstract impression
portrait of hornbill
head of a giraffe, portrait
steinbock (smallest antelope) in the shade
zebra looking towards me, black-and-white photograph
wildebeests leaving the water hole in formation
5 zebras drinking, black-and-white photograph
Cheetah lying on the ground, jawning
fleeing Kudus
fleeing springbucks in the bush, Etosha Pan
sunset on the lake, Waterberg

First destination for nature lovers and photographers

Country of infinite vastness, often nearly uninhabited:
The Namib Desert, the famous Dunes of Sossusvlei with their colours and structures, clear and hard in the morning, blazing and shadowless at noon, pink,orange, red up to rust during spectacular sunset. Lonesome flats surrounded by sharply contoured volcanic mountain ranges. Hassocks of grass changing colour from yellow to orange and brown and to a light silvery green at sundown, vansihing into the soft purple of dusk.
The endless Kalahari bushland, wild horses in surreal deserted plains, a sand covered railway track...

The unobstructed view of bizarre mountains and rock formations, huge boulders in bright colours, like thrown down by giants, basalt columns, up to 25.000 years old engravings on red ground, deep canyons, the magic figures of the quiver trees, dune lined coasts, the Etosha Pan.
Encounters with people: Herero women in their traditional cornuted costumes selling dolls at their street stalls, charming staff members at the lodges click-language speaking and choir experienced, larksome knowledgeable guides, interesting dinner conversations with cattle breeders at the guest farms, or listening to the alert children at the preschool kindergarten at Katutura, the big tin shack suburb of Windhoek
And, of course, the wild animals like the beautiful Oryx and other antelopes, the "Big Five", cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, the many various birds and smaller animals.

Time is far too short to be contented: Routes are long, lodges or sleeping places are to be reached, unforeseeable things happen, morning and evening light is short, animals are too quick, and men are hungry and thirsty, want to hike or simply sit in a chair and watch, watch....