Nature - abstract, concrete

row of trees on a hill in winter, filigree
row of trees on a hill in summer
lake, like an impressionistic painting
Thistles in the wind in winter
mirroring of a water lock on a lake, abstract
mirroring of trees in the Danube river, abstract
frost flowers on a frozen lake in blue
frozen flowers on a frozen green lake
pond-lillies with pink flowers and reflecting leaves
pink thistles on green background, in aquarell style
calla in the dark, phosphorizing colour
dew drop on green water plant,black background, enlarged
closeup of darkgreen aloe leaves
Nahaufnahme gelb-grün gestreifter Aloeblätter
aloe leaves, dark-green, light bended
closeup of cracked loamy soil, abstract
closeup of cracked loamy soil in red, abstract
closeup of wood paving with white stone in the middle
closeup of bork of quiver tree, abstract, yellow - rose with dark spots
closeup of bork of quiver tree, abstract, yellow - rose with dark spots
light spring forest, trunks and green, abstract aquarelle style
red basalt columns
red basalt columns
grey-red basalt stone
red desert dunes with sharp edge and dark shade, abstract form Dune
surreal dead tree on desert soil and red dune in background

Nature, for me, means source and inspiration of all art. What had started in the caves of Lascaux and elsewhere with the early petroglyphs, was carried forward by artists - painters and photographers - all over the world.

Through my particular sight on the beauty and diversity of nature, in which I identify abstract forms and structures, I want to sharpen the eye of the beholder. Details often turn into the main subject of the photography. Cutouts, reduction and abstraction, closeups and makros, solarization und unusual angles of vision are the technical vocabulary of this intention.

Manipulation of colours, first occurred playfully and experimentally. However, they give raise to the question: How real is reality? Is the sensated colour and ambiance actually true? Or could it not be different, and could the feelings of the viewer not interprete it in a completely other way?

As, emotions evoked  by a picture, always lie in the observer`s eye, the photographs are untitled. There are only indications as to what they picture.