Roses and Poppies

white rosebud
yellow-pink rose with dark background
macro closeup of salmoncoloured rose flower
red rose on green background
closeup of pink and yellow rose
macro closeup of red roseflower
pink rose with surrounding buds
yellow rose before dark background
rosé coloured rose flower closeup
closeup of carmine red rose flower
dark red rose in the dark
candytuft closeup
red Poppy in the wind
closeup of barbed poppy
macro of an open poppy flower like an abstract painting in red and dark
poppy flower inside, green, abstract
closeup of poppyseed capsule in an abstract form
Closeup of  poppy capsule after having lost flower leaves
delicate light pink rose before dark background
red and black detail of a poppy flower looking like an abstract picture
spider with an orange-red mark on the back on an orange-red poppyflower leaf
closeup of two green poppyseed capsules
poppy flower inside, abstract
pink rose  looking like a turbine
closeup of poppy flower with red and green background like an abstract
poppy flower inside, abstract
closeup of poppy flower with green
flowering red poppies in the sunshine

Roses and Poppies -

always a target of photographers! The manifold forms, colours and stages of blooming never seem to lose attraction.

Poppies and roses were photographed during a trip to Lake Balaton, where I found a wonderful garden at a friend´s place and where I had leisure time to take the pictures. Some of the rose pictures were taken during a stay in Périgord, France.