Stills 1

poppy seed capsules and lemon still before dark background
still of plums, poppy capsule and peach before black background,
still of eagle fern before shiny black background
still of apple and poppy capsules before dark background
still of foalfoot leaf before dark background
still of peach, lemon, poppy capsule, plums before dark background
2 grey poppy capsules on a mirroring black surface
still of poppy capsule and plums
still of apple before dark background
Still of apple and apricots on mirroring black surface

I love stills! It is a wonderful possibility to spend time in a useful and creative way during a rainy day:  you can play with the objects, there is no glaring light disturbing, you can take your time.

When it comes to the many kinds of stills, mainly it is about the display of "still Dasein", i.e. lifeless things, dead, immobile objects, by definition. In addition, there is the choice between a contentual or an aesthetical aspect.

Stills 1 belongs to the last category, whereas Stills 2 is motivated by its content.