Stills 2

nacre coloured small fish with red spot in the eye, Cabo Verde
nacre coloured small fish at Mindelo-fishmarket, Cabo Verde
still - 5 dead fish on a market
Still - Display of market fish, spearfish and others
Still - 3 dead yellowfinn tuna (thunnus albacares)
Portrait of a yellowfin tuna -thunnus albacares
portrait of a turquoise Fish
still of mackerels and other fish on a rug
waste of fish - marlin and others at a market
waste of fish -aphanopus carbo and other,s at a market
Detail of fishhead - Marlin
isplay of drying grey fish at Mindelo fishmarket, Cabo Verde
grey dried fish, cut into two but connected, lying in the sun
group of dried fish before a dark background

I am not a documentary photographer, nonetheless, I could not pass by these dead  creatures with their horror-stricken eyes: - "stills", or better to say "nature mortes" spread out on the soil of a fishmarket in Oman.

Many of these fishes are caught by longlines, and are pulled up from great depth. They suffer great pain from the pressure drop, whereby the swim bladder gets teared, the eyes pop out of the body and the stomach is being pressed out of the mouth. Not an appetizing scene!

Quite different is the scene at the fascinating Mindelo fishmarket on the island of Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde, including these beauties of nacre fish.