Stills 2

nacre coloured small fish with red spot in the eye, Cabo Verde
nacre coloured small fish at Mindelo-fishmarket, Cabo Verde
still - 5 dead fish on a market
Still - Display of market fish, spearfish and others
Still - 3 dead yellowfinn tuna (thunnus albacares)
Portrait of a yellowfin tuna -thunnus albacares
portrait of a turquoise Fish
still of mackerels and other fish on a rug
waste of fish - marlin and others at a market
waste of fish -aphanopus carbo and other,s at a market
Detail of fishhead - Marlin
isplay of drying grey fish at Mindelo fishmarket, Cabo Verde
grey dried fish, cut into two but connected, lying in the sun
group of dried fish before a dark background

Nature Morte 5

portrait of a turquoise Fish