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Overbridged and painted over1
white bridge pillars with black and white graffito
The Schlüter Halls
the industrial ensemble of the historic Schlüter-Halls at Freising near Munich
Overbridged and painted over2
black and white graffito under road bridge
delapidated window front2
delapidated walls with windows at historic industrial builgings at Freising
Overbridged and painted over3
white bridge pillars with black and white graffito
broken green window3
broken green window at historic industrial ensemble at Freising Bavaria
Overbridged and Painted Over 4
multicoloured graffiti under bridge over the river Isar with sitting person
Outlook through entrance4
outlook through entrance of historic industrial building in Freising
Highway Graffiti
graffiti at Munich highway with condominions
Row of trees in winter
row of trees on a hill in winter, filigree